Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Of Home For The Homeless

One hot and sunny day in Tampa, Florida, USA , Tassel Daley and the water For Life Now Ministry volunteers ventured out on the streets as they usually do weekly to give water to the homeless.
On one particular day, Tassel Daley's attention was drawn to the stench coming from the dirty bodies and clothes of several homeless men and women. Her heart went out to those individuals.
She wished she had a place where they could go and take a shower, and change into clean clothes.

 Tassel Daley went home that day with a compassionate heart for the homeless. It was then that she got a clear vision to provide a Home of Hope for the Homeless. At this Home Of Hope for the Homeless, men and women will come to take a shower, wash their dirty clothes, shop for free at a boutique, receive life skills training, and  free water. There will also be a chapel where they will come and receive spiritual water.

Tassel Daley has pledged to donate 10% from the sale of her book,"I Thirst" towards this project.

You may help to make this Home of Hope for the Homeless a reality by:
1. Purchasing as many books.
2. Sharing this blog.
Thank you kindly.

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